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his is of some clinical importance, = since antiinflammatory pharmaceutical preparation rich in SOD ("orgotein") is used veterinary medicine and recently has been shown to be both effective and apparently safe in the treatment of various inflammatory lesions in man et haec minimum remediorum gratia. Catalase has also been used in the hair loss treatment of arthritic disease in man with reported success. (195). Likewise, the = action of such established antiflammatory drugs as the corticosteroids, (196)=20 penicillamine,and many non-steroidal antiinflammatory agents may be at least partially dependent upon interference = with active oxygen metabolism in phagocytes.

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Further, peroxidase release from = eosinophils may playa similar role in inhibition of the inflammatory response while the antioxidant properties of ceruloplasmin may also give this compound=20 antiinflammatory properties.

Hair loss Catalysis of radical oxidations by transition-sernies = metals also play a role. Agents such as ectopic SOD may interfere with this process by destroying active oxygen species or increasing peroxide fluxes, thus interfering with one or more of the mechanisms detailed above and in Figure 4.

For example, the course of action of SOD as an inflammatory agent often bears no apparent relationship to its serum= levels and the "denatured" enzyme still possesses significant=20 antiinflammatory properties. Feel even ably questions the = specific role of the protein in destroying superoxide.

"Skin and hair care some of the = photosensitivity of=20 this group of disorders. Both direct and indirect production of active=20 oxygen species may also have a role in the pathophysiology of gout and other hyperuricemic syndromes. For example, urate, is present in the extracellular environment at concentrations approximating . Like many reducing agents, it apparen both antioxidative and autooxidative (24) properties. =

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